• The Power of 10: Jerry Brown and Ben Carson

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • February 22 2017

    The only way for Oakland to rebound is to get money flowing from private investors, said Mayor Jerry Brown all those years ago.


  • Choose courage

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • August 9 2016

    (photo) Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and MHP Publisher Linda Hoffman at Tusker's Roadhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, in July. Keating...

  • And the crowd roared

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • September 23 2015

    It's always gratifying to receive letters from our readers. It seems, however, that the last Publisher's Letter rang a particular bell with...

  • Don't mess with the bull

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • July 21 2015

    Much like the great split incentive that sits at the heart of our multifamily businesses, we are a country conflicted. Sitting squarely between...

  • Did you feel that?

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • May 15 2015

    The economy contracted. And, about the same time, California had a swarm of minor earthquakes. Maybe it's sheer coincidence, but I don't think...

  • America was built by thinkers.

    • Linda Hoffman, Publisher
    • March 20 2015

    Its back-bone, the apartment business, has evolved through ingenuity and problem-solving.

    One's ability to work through challenges...

  • Income: it's all relative

    • Linda Hoffman, publisher
    • March 6 2015

    Where do you get your facts? Good facts make good decisions so it's a rather important question.

    In fact, your answer to this question...

  • Nothing but the truth

    • Linda Hoffman, publisher
    • February 5 2015

    Those who create their own reality make me suspicious.

    Truth is a closely held belief. I've known that for sometime. Which is why...

  • Benford's Law

    • Linda Hoffman, publisher
    • December 15 2014

    Fraud has long been a concern at multifamily properties that take cash or other methods of cash-equivalent funds for rent and other services...

  • Ferguson Missouri

    • Linda Hoffman, publisher
    • August 18 2014

    When you leave a place, you are unwittingly marked with its memories. Such memories become framed in your perspective and there they remain,...

  • The bubble that never was

    • Linda Hoffman, publisher
    • July 17 2014

    My friend is a numbers guy. He's managed portfolios in the billions and continually chants the word, "correction." I now think it's not so much...